Fort Wayne History Center

Fort Wayne History Center

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The Fort Wayne History Center is a historical museum housed in the Old City Hall building in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is a treasure house that preserves Allen County and Fort Wayne's rich history. The center is managed by the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society.The historic building was constructed by local architects Wing and Mahurin, in 1893. In 2000, the building was renamed "The History Center."Within the museum are two unique physical elements: the former City Jail, which has remained unchanged from its 1971 character, and the old City Courtroom. Its 32 permanent exhibitions trace the community’s heritage from the Glacial Age to the Information Era.The center showcases a variety of permanent and visiting exhibits including the beaded purse of Kilsoquah - granddaughter of Miami Chief Little Turtle, Little Turtle’s watch - an 18-Karat gold pocket watch, General Anthony Wayne’s Camp bed, a gingerbread replica of the Wolf and Dessauer department store, greetings from Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis, the Carahan Doll House, and an 1885 Bisque Doll.The Chief Richardville House - the house recognized as the oldest Native American house - which was built in 1827, is another draw. It also boasts historic distinctions as the first Greek revival house in Indiana.The large gallery is ideal for special occasions such as weddings and receptions, reunions, or business meetings. Films delivering a holistic view of the community’s history and the interactive audio-visual kiosks detailing Allen county’s history in dozens of short television segments, or re-enact historical skits with the hands-on exhibits are also offered in the museum.The museum gift shop offers a wide selection of Fort Wayne mementos, historic books, games, photographs, postcards, signed and numbered prints, candles, puzzles, wooden toys, and Native American crafts.

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