USS Verbena - History

 USS Verbena - History

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(ScGbt.: t. 104 1. 74', b. 17'6", dr. 8', s. 12 mph; a. 1 20-par. P.r., 1 12-pdr. sb.)

Verbena—originally the wooden steamer Ino built at Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1864—was purchased by the Navy at New York City on 7 June 1864 and commissioned at the New York Navy Yard on 11 July 1864.

On 19 July, the vessel was attached to the Potomac Flotilla for duty as a tug. Two days later, she deployed in the Potomac River off Point Lookout, Md. and she served for most of the duration of the Civil War as a tender to the ironclad Roanoke. After the collapse of the Confederacy, Verbena received orders on 5 May 1865 to proceed to the Washington Navy Yard, where she was decomissioned on 13 June.

Verbena was sold at public auction there to W. E Gladwick on 20 July, redocumented as Game Cock on 9 September; renamed Edward G. Burgess on 7 July 1885; and dropped from the registry in 1900.

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