University of Northern California

University of Northern California

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The University of Northern California is a young, private university located in Petaluma, California.Founded in 1993, it is a premiere engineering and technological university with substantial programs in liberal arts and science.The University of Northern California’s special focus is on the programs in biological technology.The academic departments are divided into engineering school, language and linguistics school, business school, and general education courses.Its curriculum includes a wide range of undergraduate and graduate level programs, including bio-medical, optical and photonic systems engineering, applied linguistics, and business administration. The Doctoral degree in biomedical engineering is also offered there.The Science and Technology Innovation Center, located on the university campus, is a business incubator in the region. It is established to promote business using science and technology, serving as an interim site for research units of major corporations, and connecting UNC’s research resources with other educational and research organizations.The university is also renowned for its state-of-the-art video conference suite. From there, one can contact all states in U.S and about 50 countries.Equipped with large monitors, fast connections, and sound-sensitive cameras, it is a perfect site for business meetings, technical presentations, work groups, lectures, and legal conferences.

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