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Tomb Timeline

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  • c. 6000 BCE

    Burial of the dead in Egypt.

  • c. 6000 BCE

    Earliest Egyptian mastabas dug at Saqqara.

  • c. 5000 BCE

    Dead buried with grave goods at Banpo Village, China.

  • 4300 BCE

    First megalithic tombs in Europe.

  • c. 4000 BCE

    Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery begins in Sligo, Ireland.

  • c. 3300 BCE

    Early Harappan Civilization of India practices burial of the dead.

  • 3300 BCE

    Newgrange Burial Mound constructed in Ireland.

  • 3000 BCE

    Stone tombs on Crete.

  • 3000 BCE - 2000 BCE

    First rock-cut burial chambers at Akrotiri.

  • 3000 BCE

    Tomb of the Eagles created in Scotland.

  • c. 3000 BCE - c. 2800 BCE

    Maeshowe Passage Grave completed in Scotland.

  • c. 2600 BCE

    Mayan Culture buries their dead individually under homes.

  • c. 2600 BCE - c. 2000 BCE

    The Royal Graves of Ur used in Sumer.

  • c. 2560 BCE

    The Great Pyramid of Giza is constructed by Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops).

  • c. 2500 BCE - c. 2000 BCE

    The Balnuaran of Clava (Clava Cairns) is built.

  • c. 1700 BCE - c. 1600 BCE

    First shaft graves constructed at Mycenae.

  • c. 1500 BCE

    First tholos tombs built at Mycenae.

  • 1250 BCE - 1200 BCE

    Mycenaean chamber tombs constructed at Thebes.

  • c. 1100 BCE

    Greeks implement use of individual tombs and graves.

  • c. 700 BCE

    Tomb of Mayan King K'utz Chman of Retalhuleu constructed in Guatemala.

  • c. 680 BCE - c. 660 BCE

  • 530 BCE - 520 BCE

    The Etruscan Tomb of the Lionesses is constructed at Tarquinia.

  • 210 BCE

    First Emperor of China Shi Huangdi dies, buried with army of 8,000 terracotta warriors in palace tomb.

  • 206 BCE

    The Emperor Shi Huangti is buried with a terracotta army of more than 8,000 soldiers in a palace tomb.

  • c. 750 CE - 800 CE

    The subterranean llama-shaped royal tomb is constructed at the Wari city of Pikllacta.

  • 770 CE

    Last recorded use of Clava Cairns site in antiquity.

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